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Steeped in history

Our Community

The City of Chehalis

Chehalis is a bustling town on the I-5 corridor in southwest Washington State. Conveniently located between Seattle and Portland, the area is a regular stop for travelers. First established in 1879, Chehalis has a deep history and a proud community.

Community Support

The Chehalis Foundation

Leaders from all different parts of the community are coming together, they have been planning together, setting priorities and coalescing around those priorities to accomplish them.

Orin C. Smith
Former, President and CEO of Starbucks
Benefactor, Chehalis Foundation

Over the past 16 years, the Chehalis Foundation has taken on over 27 civic, education and recreation projects. In total our generous donors have provided over $6.9M allowing these projects to be done.

All of these projects have achieved notable results. The Chehalis Foundation strongly believes that success gets rewarded, so they work hard to make every project successful. They evaluate their success by the positive impact their work has on the community.

there is a reason
Dedicated to our students

Our District

The Chehalis School District believes that motivated students, enthusiastic instruction, along with involved parents and community make a winning combination to produce well-educated young people. We are dramatically raising the expectations of future successes for our students by improving & modernizing our instructional practices and creating a school culture that prepares students for careers and post-secondary education after high school.

Superintendent Ed Rothlin

Business Owner Heidi Pehl

Achieving New heights

Our Progams

The Roundtable closely follows the progress of the Chehalis Student Achievement Initiative.  There is no more impressive career and college preparation story in public education in this state today.

Steve Mullin
President of the Washington Roundtable

The S.A.I. Program

StudentAchievement Initiative

The STEM Program

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Learners today. Leaders Tomorrow.

Achievement Initiative

The Chehalis School District (CSD) in 2013, launched its Student Achievement Initiative (SAI), aimed at preparing every graduate to be ready to pursue college, certificate or trade programs that lead to living wage earning jobs. The SAI team also includes community leadership and Centralia College. The SAI touches every grade level focusing on improving instructional practices, creating a culture of postsecondary expectation and preparedness. A postsecondary degree or certificate greatly increases a student’s likelihood of success, and strengthens a community. The SAI aims to increase the percentage of CSD graduates earning a postsecondary credential to 60% by the class of 2022. Many metrics are tracked every year for every class and resources are focused depending on need.

Our high school graduation rate compared to the Washington State average

The Chehalis Student Achievement Initiative stands out as one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful community efforts in the nation to support students as they move towards college and careers. I have worked with 75 sites around the country in a multiyear campaign to achieve similar goals and the Chehalis Initiative ranks in the top 5 communities I have seen.

Michael Meotti
Executive Director of the Washington State Student Achievement Council

Our Schools

W.F. West High School

 W.F. West High School was built in 1954 and consisted of 63 classrooms. In 1993, the building was remodeled and four science labs and two computer labs were added. In January 2018, the new W.F. West STEM wing opened its doors adding 6 Science labs and 2 classrooms.

Chehalis Middle School

Chehalis Middle School was built in 1988 consisting of 22 regular classrooms, 3 portable classrooms and 2 special areas: gym and art. In 2009, the track was re-lined and resurfaced.

Orin C Smith Elementary


2019-20 is the first full school year at the new Orin C. Smith Elementary School.
Orin C. Smith Elementary School was built in 2019 to house our district’s 3-5 grade students. OSE consists of 30 classrooms, two music rooms, stage, six shared learning spaces, lunchroom, gym, library, courtyard, playground and playfield. The community Grand Opening ceremony took place on August 28, 2019 to recognize the completion of the Shaw Learning Center and Orin C. Smith Elementary School.

James W Lintott Elementary

 James W. Lintott Elementary opened in the fall of 2018 on the Shaw Learning Campus. Our 42 classrooms serve Regular Education, Special Education, ELL and Preschool. Our gym has a retractable wall that allows for noise reduction during P.E. class and expansion for school and community events. The building was designed with student learning as the main focus, including updated technology, outdoor learning spaces, and indoor grade level learning areas. Staff, students, parents, and community members are thrilled to have a school we are proud to be a part of.

Lewis County Alternative School

 Lewis County Alternative School, also known as “Turning Point,” was established in the fall of 2014. We serve students who have not found success in a typical high school setting, or prefer the individualized model offered in an alternative school. 

Green Hill Academic School

Green Hill Academic School is located in Green Hill School, a medium/maximum security, fenced facility for male offenders aged 15- 21. Green Hill School was built in 1891. New construction including an administration building and hospital were completed in the 1950’s. A swimming pool was built in the 1960’s. The security fence was erected in the 1980’s. New construction was completed in 2009. Living units were retrofitted with partitions in 2011. A new long-term residential mental health unit opened in 2012. Another unit has been renovated for mental health residents, and opened in July 2018.

Striving for the best

Our School Board

Dedicated to the success of our students, we are constantly working to improve the conditions and environments of our schools for both the students and the staff.

We are looking for you

Application Requirements

Create a Leadership Transition Plan

According to Chehalis Foundation Donors Orin Smith and Jim Lintott, integral components of the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative include great leadership, and the establishment of an effective college-going culture in the Chehalis School District. Over the past three years, great leadership has led to a college-going culture in Chehalis that is ingrained in the fabric of the district, giving students purpose and direction, raising expectations, and creating full awareness of the college and career opportunities available to all students. While significant progress has been made to date, the excellent leadership that has driven this changing culture must continue in order to sustain and grow the progress made. To ensure the continuity of these efforts, researchers recommend the district and the Foundation establish a succession plan in the event of a change in leadership. It will be essential that, when filling vacancies in district and building leadership (including the school board), candidates understand the work that has already occurred and the road map for continued success.

Our applications are being processed by Northwest Leadership Associates, here are their requirements.

For full consideration, application materials are due February 12, 2020.

The district retains the right to accept applications until the position is filled. A completed application packet should include the following:

• A formal letter of application

• A completed application form (request from Dr. Roger Rada)

• A current resume

• Three to five letters of recommendation

• A written statement explaining how you plan to address each of the leadership opportunities and challenges noted in this vacancy announcement.

Send a signed electronic copy (hard copy optional) of all the application materials to the following:

Question and/or requests for application materials may be made to:
Dr. Roger Rada Email:

Phone: 503-812-2995